Painting by Helen Grossmann

Thoughts about my work

Whether vaguely recalled or invented landscapes, fragmented impressions or fantasies from the world of vegetation/plants – in my work it is less about a correct depiction of something than about the creation of an atmosphere, an emotional experience of space, dynamics, rhythm and of chaos and order which has been inspired by my natural environment. The figurative elements which tie this kind of painting to the “real” space are not always clearly visible but still perceptible. Often there is something mysterious about it which is being enhanced by a dark background as part of the setting remains hidden and can only be guessed.


In most of my work I range within the small space between figuration and abstraction, as in the ambivalence of perception lies a particular fascination for me. The back and forth between the figurative three-dimensional and the often pattern-like abstract invites the viewer to complete the image according to his own imagination.


Also with the more figurative works such as the candle and the Biophilia series it is always about the abstract qualities which fascinate and motivated me to get involved with that particular theme.
Through the often dense, lively pattern qualities such as abundance, plenty and power of unfolding and creation are being expressed.


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