«O.T.», Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 60 cm, 2016265

Anniversary exhibition of the cultural center Villa Sträuli, Winterthur, early summer 2016, with theme of candles and soaps

The focus for my creative work has been the natural environment for a while now, so I hesitated to engage with the proposed topic of soaps and candles. But then I realized that a main focus is always on the abstract qualities of the perceived, the vaguely recalled or the invented – i.e. on a pattern, rhythm, chaos and order, light/dark contrasts. Often I play with the threshold between figuration and abstraction so the viewer is left in a certain ambivalence about the “depicted“. I realized that this kind of viewing and interpretation can be applied also to other topics, so I decided to accept the challenge and to approach the theme of candles as light source in a similar way.

In these works candle light is interpreted in two different ways. One way shows itself as pattern in which the boundaries between chaos and order are being investigated. These paintings have been inspired by the candle holders in catholic churches and other places of contemplation and solemnity. The second type of works has been inspired by traditional contexts in which candles have been or are still being used, i.e. in chandeliers and on birthday cakes – with a circular arrangement of the candles.