«O.T.», Acrylic on canvas, 70 x 60 cm, 2017328

Biophilia series

The expression “Biophilia“ goes back to the psychotherapist and philosopher Erich Fromm (1900-1980) and describes the longing that draws humans to nature to the vital/ animated. Later the evolution biologist Edward O. Wilson established the “Biophilia“ hypothesis of the human need to interconnect with other animated beings as a result of an evolutionary process over millions of years. Humans evolve out of nature, develop within and interplay with it and are part of the web of life. The expression “Biophilia effect“ stands for the healing power of the natural environment (especially that of the forest) which today has been scientifically proven. Its healing effects are being produced by second messengers which activate the human immune and hormone system and harmonize the nervous system and blood pressure.

Already in my earlier works I oriented myself on nature in form of semi-abstract landscape spaces and expressed – in a neo-romantic spirit – an affinity to the natural environment. Whereas with these landscape-like images I used a long distance view, the focus is now on the plant world in my closer environment. Also this time the images are mostly not exact depictions but my own creations which are being formed from different elements into something new. In so far they are fragments of a memory but also just a playful creative expression and a celebration of the senses, plenty and growth which we can observe everywhere in nature in an infinite richness of variations. In this sense “Biophilia“ expresses my fascination for the creative power of nature which I – as part of nature – can experience through my own creative processes. In doing so I feel an immense gratitude and admiration for all living things on this earth and rejoice in the faith that the source which feeds all these creative processes will never run dry.

The process to work with colorful highlights out of the darkness is a stylistic means to express the brightness and power, the liveliness and the mystery that lay in the wonders of nature.